Personalise your awards with Engraving & Vinyl Stickers


All our Trophies and Awards can be personalised with Engraving / Engraved Plates. Engraving is the perfect way to brand your trophies as it gives a clean permanent touch. We engrave on almost any type of Trophy. Please contact us for more information.

Trophy Plates
Engraved Plates are applied onto the bases of our Trophies & Awards and on the faces of our wooden shields. Engraved plates can be replaced easily so you can update your awards when needed.

Engraved plates are charged from R45 (ex. Vat) per plate but if you purchase any awards and require engraved plates we charge at a fixed price of R15 (ex. Vat) per plate for trophies purchased.

Glass Engraving
All Glass Awards purchased from us include Free Engraving on the Glass (Engraved plates are charged additional if required).

*If you require any logo / artwork to be engraved setup fees may apply

Vinyl Stickers

Personalise your awards with our Domed Vinyl Inserts

All Awards that have an Insert Holder available get free personalised domed inserts up to one design per category. All Medals also include Custom Domed Inserts in the price. 

Send us your logo, branding or artwork needed on your awards and we will print it as a Domed Insert to make your Awards Unique.

For best results, please send us high quality images for printing your Inserts

What are our Domed Vinyl Inserts?

Domed Vinyl Inserts are fully printed colour vinyl stickers that are gel coated to create a 3D Domed effect that also makes the insert Scratch and UV resistant. 

* Setup Fees may apply

If you require additional Domed Inserts or any more information, Please Contact Us

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